Quality craftsmanship is not a lost art. At Petrol, we're fanatical about building beautiful, flawless frames that stand the test of time for our polarized sunglasses. We invest in materials and technology, not marketing gimmicks, to bring you an unsurpassed level of quality and attention to detail.

Whether injection molded Grilamid® TR-90 or rich Cellulose (Zyl) Acetate, Petrol frame components are painstakingly shaped and polished to meet our tolerances for fit and finish. Paired with corrosion-resistant steel hinges, these frames are well-prepared for heat, cold, water, humidity and other hostile environments.

Creating a metal eyewear frame can require up to 200 production steps, most of which are done by hand. It begins with selecting premium quality metals and metal alloys and using state-of-the-art technology to shape eyewires and other frame parts with uncompromised accuracy. Hand soldering or welding of frame components is a true art that, when done correctly, ensures both good looks and durability.

Top-Quality Hinges
Stop Hinges: Smooth-functioning closure that allows your sunglasses to close flat, but stops the temple tip from hitting the inside of the lens. Spring Hinges:Hinges that flex slightly beyond a fully open position and then spring back, helping maintain the shape of the frame over time and offering a very comfortable fit. At Petrol, we always use the right hinge for the job. Other manufacturers will tout the hinge width as a measure of durability, but in some cases, wider hinges are actually weaker, structurally.

Comfort Nosepads
Crafted from medical-grade, hypoallergenic PVC, Petrol nosepads offer slip-free comfort, even when you perspire.


Available Frame Materials:

Unbelievably lightweight, strong and flexible metal.

Great for sports activities, TR-90 is a 'memory material' that will bend but not break, and always flexes back to its original shape.

A nickel-copper material that has been a staple of the optical industry for decades. Comfortable to wear and easily adjusted for a a perfect fit.

Strong, corrosion resistant, lightweight and durable.

Beautifully blended and often layered in laminate sheets, this durable plastic is one part sunglass frame and one part fine art. Frame fronts and temples are hand cut, milled and polished to a lustrous finish.


Quality Components, Every Time:
Petrol sources its frame wire, hinges, screws and other frame components from the world's undisputed leaders of optical components, including Ferd. Wagner GmbH, OBE GmbH, and Comotec® S.A.