You only have one pair of eyes, and at Petrol, we're serious about protecting them.

Repelium® Coating
Most Petrol styles feature Repelium, a cutting-edge lens coating that's smudge-resistant, moisture-repellent, oil and sun lotion repellent, and provide scratch resistance 6x greater than a standard, uncoated polycarbonate lens. Repelium also includes a premium anti-reflective treatment applied on the inside of each lens that obliterates bounce-back glare and disturbing reflections inside your sunglasses. With Repelium, fogging dissipates. Water beads and rolls off. Fingerprints disappear. All while maintaining razor-sharp clarity, color recognition and light transmission levels.

VisoChromatic® Light-Response
Petrol VisoChromatic technology automatically adjusts your lens darkness to surrounding light conditions, from 34%-12% visible light transmission (VLT) in Petrol grey lenses, and 29%-9% VLT in Petrol bronze lenses.  Unlike ordinary light-transitioning lenses that react only to ultraviolet light (UV), Petrol VisoChromatics react to both UV and visible light, allowing them to partially darken behind the UV-blocking windshield of your car.  This results in glare-cutting comfort while driving, and an even darker lens for full-sun activity outside the car—a true driver’s lens that can be worn from dawn to dusk, inside the car and out. (Now available in the Bondi, Engineer, Monaco, Monza, Valencia and Venice frame styles).

Light-Filtering Technology
Repeated exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light has been linked to aging and deterioration of the cornea and retina. All Petrol driving lenses offer light filtering technology that provides 100% protection from harmful UV rays with absorption to 400 nanometers, covering the entire UVA, UVB, and UVC spectrum. Furthermore, our deep, 8-base wrap styles and large eyesizes help prevent harmful light from 'leaking' into the top and sides of your sunglasses, which keeps you both comfortable and protected. Best of all, Petrol UV protection never wears out or wears off—it's in the lens.

Injection Molded Polarization
What are polarized sunglasses? Not all polarized lenses are created equal. Petrol uses only premium quality injection molded polarized lenses—not less expensive "sheet" polarization—to ensure the highest degree of glare-cutting capability without impact to visual acuity. Like microscopic mini-blinds embedded within the lens, Petrol polarization dramatically cuts glare reflecting off flat surfaces, such as roads, water or snow. Many Petrol styles come polarized, offering you a wide range of choice to suit your look, but only one caliber of eye protection—the best available anywhere.

Precision-Decentered Lenses
By shifting the lens focal point from the geometric center to a point along its radial curve that serves as the optical center, Petrol offers deep-wrap frame styles while maintaining optically perfect, distortion-free vision.

Petrol Polarized Lens Layers:


Our Lens Materials:

Light, strong and shatter resistant, our polycarbonate lenses exceed international standards for impact resistance. Petrol achieves a superior level of optical clarity in its polycarbonate through higher-grade materials and precision lens molding. 

Lighter than optical glass but offering comparable optics, CR39 lenses have been the industry standard for prescription lenses for half a century. 

While slightly heavier and less impact resistant than polycarbonate or CR39, glass lenses reign supreme in optical clarity and scratch resistance.  Precision-engineered polarized glass remains the lens of choice for many motorists, fisherman, and surfers.   

A top-notch sports performance material, nylon lenses stand up to heat, stress, and the knocks that come with everyday wear.


Available Lens Colors:

A superior driving tint, our bronze lens increases contrast and terrain contours. Road markings "pop," but accurate color is maintained. 

Best at cutting glare while maintaining true color. Suitable for the widest range of activities and lighting conditions. 

A neutral lens color that eliminates glare without color distortion.

Excellent eye protection in more transparent, fashion-forward styles. 

Excellent eye protection in more transparent, fashion-forward styles. 

All Petrol lenses meet international standards
for traffic signal recognition.